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Nadine Studeny was born in 1988 in Vienna. During her gap year in Australia she found her destiny: photography. Ever since she devoted her time to the camera.

She gained her first experiences in an apprenticeship at the Heeres Bild- und Filmstelle. The new accomplishments immediately were used in combination with her hobbies e.g. sports and she received several awards for her outstanding work. From 2010 the advertising agency Point-of-view enabled her to utilise her talents in various ways. She worked in several fields within tourism, event, health, pleasure and culture and got to know the entire process of commercial photo editing through several assembly orders and retouching work. In addition to her job she graduated from school and undertook a college programme "Fotografie und Audiovisuelle Medien" at the Grafische Wien. In 2015 she completed this course successfully. Her diploma thesis - the fashion magazine "Frontrow Magazin" - was marked with the top grade.




2006 Arbeiterkammerwettbewerb Theme: Body in motion 1. price


2007 Innungswettbewerb Theme: Shoes 1.price


2007 Arbeiterkammerwettbewerb Thema: Free Subject 3. price


2008 Innungswettbewerb Thema: Austria 1. price 


2008 Arbeiterkammerwettbewerb Thema: employment rights 1. price 


2014 Contest for a Hotel in Frankfurt, Thema "Natur" 1. price

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